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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • What is a micro market?
    Micro markets are unattended retail environments where employees can pick up products, and review nutrition information, similarly to a convienence store shelf. To checkout, the employee simply scans the item at a self-checkout kiosk and pays with their market card or a credit card. Micro markets have many enticing options to keep employees both happy and healthy. They feature refrigerated cases that can house fresh foods like salads and sandwiches, as well as beverages, fruits, vegetables and other perishable snacks. They can also feature specialty coffees and even kobucha kegs.
  • How do micro markets work?
    The employee simply picks up the food or beverage they wish to purchase and pays for the items at the intuitive, self-checkout kiosk.Kiosks offer a variety of convenient payment options such as credit/debit cards, cash, fingerprint reader and more. Employers can choose to set up a micro market incentive program and give employees a monthly food stipend account that they can access from the kiosk. Payroll deduction is another popular payment option in employee breakroom micro markets. All transactions take place through a secure and stable network.
  • Is a micro market a good fit for my buisness?
    R Squared Markets and Vending can help you choose the food service that will best fit your buisness. When considering a micro market, our representative will inquire about the number of employees, the avaliable space, and the need for onsite food service. However, micro markets are attractive to employers because they are free to install. The facility only needs to provide a designated space, power, and an internet connection. R Squared Markets will handle the setup, installation, and restocking of the market. The micro market provides a bright, fun and value-add option for employees looking for a snack or meal at work that is easy to navigate, convenient and provides plenty of choice. Employers who set up a micro market in their employee breakrooms can enjoy a variety of benefits including improved employee efficiency and enhanced company culture.
  • What are the benefits of a micro market?
    You can provide your employees with a tangible benefit your entire organization will enjoy, and it won't cost your company a thing! R Squared micro-markets are stocked with a wide range of fresh, nutritious foods that sets a new standard for snacks and meals in the workplace. Our company offers a variety of food/beverage options that will benefit your company and your employees everyday. Micro markets don't need employees to work them and they are much smaller than an entire store, so they can be set up in locations where customers otherwise wouldn't be able to easily purchase these goods, such as an office complex. In addition to this, since the system does not require a machine to vend the items, consumers can easily acquire the items they need. No more calling the vending company because their item got stuck in the machine! The easy to use self-checkout kiosks remain open 24/7 so employees can access the market at all hours.


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