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R Squared Markets and Vending can turn desolate employee break rooms into eye-catching, self-serve food marts that supply more of the products people want. The large custom menu will be sure to satisfy all employee's dietary needs and wants.


Featuring electronic payments and custom designed menus, micromarkets can improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention without on-site supervision.



R Squared Markets and Vending will keep your workplace stocked with healthy snacks and beverages so that your employees can stay focused on work. More than your average grocery delivery service, R Squared Markets delivers, stocks, and manages your inventory needs. No more creating an online shopping cart and figuring out what you need. Ensuring your kitchen is fully stocked with all the necessities is just part of our service. ​We can provide a variety of snacks, beverages, paper ware, and most anything needed to keep your office kitchen fully stocked. 



For many of us our workday begins with our favorite blend of coffee, tea, or another hot beverage. Provide employees a first-rate coffee service in the break room or elsewhere in the office to increase employee satisfaction. 

R Squared Markets and Vending offers you a variety of choices and understands the importance of starting the day off focused and satisfied. Together, we can meet your needs with the right equipment, quality products, popular flavors, and necessary supplies.



R Squared Markets and Vending offers flexible vending programs designed to meet the needs of any business.


Traditional Vending – The standard agreement where the customer or employee pays for the complete cost of each item, which pays for the service.


Subsidized Vending – Want to do a little more for your employees? Consider a subsidized vending agreement. Instead of the employee paying for the entire cost of each item, the employer pays for a portion of the cost so employees can enjoy a reduced expense.

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